1. What does ABC stand for?

Alcoholic Beverage Control.


2.How can I pay for my purchase at the Pitt County ABC store?

You may pay for your purchase with cash or with a credit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo on it.


3. Do I need to show proof of Identification when I make a purchase?

YES!  You must show I.D. when making a purchase.  The four forms of acceptable I.D. are:

A drivers license.

A U.S. Military I.D.

An official North Carolina State I.D. card.

An official passport issued by any nation.

ALL of these forms of I.D. must have a photograph of the person identified on them.


4. Can I return my purchase?

No.  All sales in the Pitt County ABC stores are final.


5. If I accidentaly drop or somehow damage/break my bottle, can I get a refund? 

No.  Again, all sales are final.


6. Is there a limit on how much liquor I can purchase?

 BEER – Maximum of 80 liters of cans or bottles
        (9) cases and (9) cans/bottles – 355 milliliter (12 oz)
        (7) cases and (1) can/bottle – 473 milliliter (16 oz)
        Kegs – unlimited

    UNFORTIFIED WINE – Maximum of 50 liters
        (10) 5 liter containers
        (66) 750 milliliter bottles
        (50) 1 liter bottles
        (28) 1.75 liter bottles 



A person may only bring into the state 4 liters of fortified wine or spirituous liquor or a combination of the two.

A maximum of 100 liters of unfortified wine may be transported with a Purchase-Transportation permit. These free permits are issued by your local ABC store.


7. What is the legal age?

Alcohol may NOT be sold or served to persons less than 21 years old.

Alcohol may NOT be possessed or consumed by persons less than 21 years old.

No person under 18 years old may be left in charge of a business holding beer and wine permits.

No person under 21 years old may be left in charge of a business with any type of spirituous liquor permit.

Bartenders must be 21 years old to mix drinks containing liquor.Wait staff must be at least 18 years old to serve drinks containing liquor.


8. Are Pitt County ABC employees county or state employees?

Neither.  The employees are employed by the Pitt County ABC Board, a seperate entity from both county and state.

You can find more answers to frequently asked questions at the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commision ( http://www.abc.nc.gov )